Hey! If You're Still Struggling To Create Your Breakthrough Online,  And You're Ready To End The Frustration, Checkout This Free Video Training by My Mentor.

Hey! If You're Still Struggling To Create Your Breakthrough Online,  And You're Ready To End The Frustration, Checkout This Free Video Training.

You do not need to be fixed or be improved in any way. You are unique and perfect just the way you are. You already know everything you need to know. You just forgot.

When you were young you were probably told that you needed to work on those things that you were not so good at. If you struggled with math for example, you’re parents and teachers had you focus more on math so that you could get better at it. At the same time, you were probably told that if something came too easily for you, then it couldn’t be that important a skill.

Because of this, you may have grown (as many of us have) to belief that there is something wrong with you… because things always seem so difficult. But that is not the case at all. You have just been focusing on the wrong thing.

What if you focus instead on what comes easily to you, what is effortless, what brings you joy… and become really good at that?

That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t work hard. It just means you would work hard at what you love. These things that come easily and effortlessly to you are your gifts!

[Personal Success Strategy: Uncover Your Passion]

To begin to uncover your true passion, focus on what YOU are good at… what makes YOU feel good and makes your soul glow. Magnify your gifts.

Answer these questions honestly.

Write out the answers on a piece of paper:

  1. What comes easily and effortlessly to you? What do you do that’s as easy as breathing? Identify a time when you are doing it. These are your gifts.
  1. What was the one thing you did that you thought was fun and made you feel alive… that thing that made you feel special?What did you like about it? These are your gifts.
  1. What do you dislike doing, struggle with or procrastinate about? These are not your gifts. If you can, delegate these things to someone else and focus on your gifts.

Do This:

List at least 10 of your gifts (those things that come naturally to you; such as listening, reading, writing, being still, dancing, speaking, etc.) on a piece of paper and circle the top 4 or 5. Then make a list of your top 5 interests (an interest is a subject, field or activity that speaks to you… that draws you in; such as personal development, art, travel to Europe, etc.)

Then… brainstorm

Choose an interest (i.e. personal development) and list your gifts. Then brainstorm different income generating ideas that you could do. With both your gifts and interests.

Here is an example:

Interest: Personal Development

Gift: Writing

Ideas: Write a fitness magazine website; or write a newsletter about self-help

Gift: Interviewing

Ideas: Interview self-help gurus and post the interviews on a site; or have my own radio talk show


This exercise will provide you with ideas and help you get closer to realizing your passion and the way to profit from it.