Hey! If You’re Still Struggling To Create Your Breakthrough Online,  And You’re Ready To End The Frustration, Checkout This Free Video Training by My Mentor.

Hey! If You’re Still Struggling To Create Your Breakthrough Online,  And You’re Ready To End The Frustration, Checkout This Free Video Training by My Mentor.

Clarity and Purpose

Most people are lost, confused and sometimes feel alone in this online world simply because they have no clarity in their lives. They navigate through life with no true understanding of who they are in relation to the universe and the world around them.

It is my opinion that we never really achieve clarity, rather we gain a sense of understanding of our purpose which generates the confidence to move forward into new understanding. We all enter this existence with a specific purpose. That purpose is to create greater life for all. In other words, create a bigger force of energy or light for everyone. As a result, the creator himself has blessed us all with specific creative faculties to help carry out our mission of creating greater life for all.

As kids we are very much in-tuned with those creative faculties, however as we become adults we tend to lose the battle for our subconscious mind and we lose sight of whom and what we really are. We lose touch with all creative faculties and gifts that were given to us by the Creator to help us create a bigger life for all.

Battle For Our Subconscious

I believe that there’s a battle going on for our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where the true story of who you really are exists. The formation or creation of your story is influenced by the stimuli you receive from your environment, the people in your life, as well as images and signals you ingest on a daily basis. Next time you’re watching your favorite TV show pay close attention to your thoughts and you will get a better idea of what I mean.

We literally create our existence in our subconscious mind whether we know it or not.

Inspiration To Be a Boxer

When I was a young boy at the age of 9 or 10, growing up in the islands, I remember there was a famous boxer who had won a lightweight championship fight in the United States. He brought his belt back home and the entire country celebrated with a big parade to celebrate his victory. All of the school kids were lined up along to streets to cheer him on as his caravan slowly passed by. I remember watching him as he drove by and saying to myself, wow I would like to do that… I felt inspired… I felt strong… I felt like I wanted to do the same thing he did. I wanted to inspire other people to be successful like he did.

I went back to the classroom and I told the teacher that one day I was going to be a boxer. At the time that was the only way I could evoke that same feeling. That was the first time I felt inspired so I thought being a boxer was equal to inspiring other people. I ran home and told a close family member my dreams of how I was going to be a boxer. His response to me was, “You can’t box. You’re not gonna be a boxer”.

That negative idea from my relative, embedded itself in my mind. Sure, I could have used his words as fuel to pursue my dreams, but I didn’t. After that conversation, I never thought about being a boxer again. It had been implanted in my head that I could never be a boxer, so I never pursued it. However, the thought of inspiring others never left. Today I still desire to inspire others.

Tap Into Your Kid Voice

Now it’s a good thing that I didn’t become a boxer, because I don’t like violence. But what if that person had said to me, “Sure, let’s figure out how you can be a boxer” and encouraged me to pursue it? Maybe I would have ended up being a boxer, or maybe not. The reality, however, is that the desire to inspire stayed with me. Today I am able to give workshops and lectures and inspire people. The point is that at an early age you know what you want to do but as you grow older it is lost by stimuli outside of yourself.

The objective now is to tap into that kid voice in you and find what it is you desired to be as a little kid. If you ask any child today what they want to do when they grow up, there’s a great chance they can tell you with absolute certainty.

The truth is that we were all created with very unique creative faculties and only once we’re able to tap into those faculties can we truly help other people tap into theirs. That is our ultimate purpose on this planet.


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