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Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Coach

“My mission is to inspire, educate and encourage
you to live a fulfilled and empowered life.”

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Thanks for these ideas Curt. I had an idea what I wanted to try (walk through at my local art store for a webinar) and after watching this video have a few more ideas ­čÖé
-Gisele Grenie

Curt it seems we are fed what is right for us, at the most perfect time – God be with you, this is a much needed message´╗┐.
-Nancy Caccioppo

You are a natural and I learn from you with each video! Being free to explore, to experiment, to fail and ultimately do what resonates with me vs what I should be doing… There is nothing like that feeling.´╗┐
-Lynne Magnavite

I love the idea of telling my story… I’ve been all over the place but it’s ok it’s my story. I’m learning and I love it…thanks for this video my friend´╗┐
-Leathersmith Reviews

Curt! Holy smokes- I just randomly picked a video of yours to watch and bam! You are talking to me!! Wow! … Thank you so much for the excellent advice. I will stay the course and come back for more inspiration!! Well done!!!!!´╗┐
-Lynne Magnavite

Yes, I found your video awesome Curt. You talk a lot of sense and truth. I could watch and listen to you all day. You make me feel I can do it and I will say next time I sit at the easel, I will make something amazing today. Thank you Curt. You are pretty amazing yourself.
-Dorothy Radley

Thanks Curt for being such a good coach. That’s how I see you, a great lifter of spirit!´╗┐
-Cynthia Talbott-Nelson

Hi Curt, Gisele recommended watching your video and it was sooo worth doing it! And my wish for you …. keep your immense energy flowing and don’t loose your sparkle!! All the best from me💖
-Sabine Birkenfeld

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      Where Should I Send Your FREE Copy?
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